terça-feira, 1 de setembro de 2009

Parabéns pra você!!!!

Como todas as pessoas normais os gatos também fazem aniversário.Isso mesmo os gêmeos Tom e Bill fazem 20 anos hoje.
Para parabeniza-los deixem mensagens por toda parte , afinal fazem 20 anos que surgiu duas das genéticas perfeitas.
Tom e Bill continuem sendo os caras maravilhosos que vocês são.

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online jogas disse...

online jogosThis is the structure I came up with and implemented today.
There's a base class called "Breedable" and a class called "Gene".
Breedable contains a basic interface for species, with a mother and
father reference, a "score" (ranking on how well it performs), and a
function called "Breed" which child classes need to override. Gene is
a wrapper around a Number (flash's "double" type) which defines mother
and father genes, which breedable owns it, and some constants for how
to combine genes during breeding. "Mix" specifies if the parent genes
get averaged, or if it just randomly picks one or the other. "Mutation"
is a range for how much to randomly mutate the number during breeding.
"Inertia" is my solution for "speeding" up evolution. During breeding,
it looks at it's parents' scores and their parents' scores to see if the
previous mutation made the species "better" or "worse". It will then use
that to randomly mutate the number again to lead it in the direction of
"most success".